The Gold standard strikes back

For a long time, gold has been a great option in terms of store of value and investment diversification.
Downsides remain on carrying it around and having it secured.
Thanks to blockchain, we can have the best of both worlds - digital gold to keep gold's unique properties in our pocket.

Ekon Gold is a stable coin, backed by physical gold, store in a private vault in Switzerland.
It is properly, audited, transparent and redeemable as you go, for real.

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08 Sep 18

1 EKG is 1g of Gold. Easy.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, Eidoo has created a "stable coin" which is 100% backed by physical gold.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have no backing assets, their price is determined solely by market demand.
Since the so-called gold standard had been abolished, there are no fiat currencies that are 100% backed.
Eidoo's goal is to restore the gold standard, on blockchain.
  • Frequent Audit by
    a renowned Audit Company

  • Gold stable coin:
    1 token = 1 gram of gold (999)


EKG tokens are kept in your Ethereum wallet as it is an ERC20 token, so you have the full control over of your funds.

You will be able to transfer EKG tokens as it happens will all other ERC20 tokens without any intermediaries.


EKON (EKG) tokens can be purchased by clicking the Ekon banner in Eidoo app, either through bank transfer or Eidoo DEX.

Tier2 verification is needed for bank transfer orders. Please follow instructions carefully: minimum allowed amount is EUR 25000 (twenty-five thousand). For amounts higher than EUR 250000: please contact us. An Ekon sales manager will get in touch with you and will take care of your order.

The EKG/EUR rate will be determined at spot Gold market price plus a 7% fee: you will receive an EKG/EUR price quote valid for 3 working days. If your bank transfer will be accredited on our account later than 3 working days from the order, the EKG/EUR price may change.

You will receive EKG tokens to your ETH primary address as registered in EidooID.

EKG can be also bought on Eidoo DEX with small minimum amounts.


It is possible to redeem EKG for physical gold bars: send an email to [email protected] communicating your EidooID Payment Reference. Tier2 verification in EidooID is mandatory, regardless of redeemed amount.

You will receive a list of available gold bars to choose from, and respective prices in EKG (a fee will be added: the higher between 3% or EUR 500).

Once the due requested amount in EKG will be sent, you will be able to arrange gold pickup choosing one of the available days and times.

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